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We met in Nickerson, NE and departed for the Canadian border about 1 pm on June 29th. We took a backroads route through the Nebraska Sand Hills and stopped for dinner in Thedford,NE and continued on to the Merrit Reservoir area. all the Merritt area campgrounds were state run, requiring a state permit fee and a campground fee, so Frank, being the cheapass that he is, decided to push on even though it was getting dark. We lucked out and made it to the National Forest Steer Creek campground with just enough light left to get our tents setup. Steve shared a tent with Frank since he didn't any camping gear. Frank and Steve's accommodations for the night. He sure looks happy to be joining Frank, must be must be missing Patti (she would be joining us later on the trip).

The days route, 368 miles total.


Getting up with the crack of dawn on June 30th, we were able to pack up and depart by about 5:30 AM. We continued on through the Black Hills area taking a scenic route with some dirt to Broadus MT. The rapid City area and the trip on HWY 212 to Broudus was the hottest part of the entire trip. This stretch of 212 was also one the most boring/straight roads to ride. Both Terry and Bruce hit reserve and Bruce needed a tow to make it to Broadus while Terry was sputtering pulling into the first gas station we saw.

The days ride, 393 miles total.


On July 1st, we departed Broadus, Mt and traveled through the Northern Cheyenne and Crow Indian reservations, and  through Billings, Mt to Great Falls, Mt to stop at my Dad's house for the night. We stopped at Wade's Drive-in, Harlowtown, Mt, established 1954, for lunch.


A stop by the Little Belt creek on US 89 on the way to Great Falls.


The days ride, 415 miles total.



On July 2nd, we departed Great Falls, MT after getting some drugs for Frank's infected root canal that he had done a few days before the trip that had gotten infected. We skipped both a real lunch and breakfast and instead did gas-station junk food. We traveled through Glacier National Park on the Going to the Sun highway that had just finally opened the day before due some winter weather damage and washouts.

Going to the Sun highway video links.   Low quality Google video

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Just after entering Glacier Park from the eastern side.

 Further along in glacier Park.


After the park, we finally got on 486 and arrived at Polebridge about 4 pm.We were 18 miles from the border at this point and Bruce elected not to go to the border and instead go directly to the campground for the evening.

Inside for an absolutely wonderful sandwich and roll.

A little headline news before we head to the border and our campground only a few miles away.



The ride to the border, 271 miles total.

Departing from the Border

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